Like many longtime River Forest residents, I have been riveted by your excellent coverage of the ongoing political battle on our village board. I, like many others, are delighted that we have young blood on the board fighting for transparency and democracy.

I am disheartened to read viewpoints in your paper by members of the old guard (Gary Sullivan, Feb. 27) expressing a preference for the current dictatorship. While Mr. Sullivan is entitled to his opinion, he has a duty to speak accurately. His insinuation that Trustee Hoke has not been involved in the community is insulting and dead wrong. He has coached my son year-round in traveling soccer for six years. He and his wife have given their time selflessly in many other areas. On his own, he single-handedly forced the Cook County Assessor to simplify the tax appeal process for
River Forest -an unprecedented achievement. As the author of the minority report opposing Home Rule, he almost single-handedly stopped the village’s plan to implement a variety of new taxes without a referendum.

As to Mr. Sullivan’s claim that Steve is a corporate raider who takes over distressed companies and fires the incompetent employees-well, I don’t know where he got that from, but maybe that’s exactly what we need.

I would have strongly preferred that WJ print Mr. Sullivan’s article in its original form-as it appeared on the web-rather than cleaning it up from him without an editorial note that it was done.

His unedited voice was riddled with grammatical, capitalization and punctuation errors, all of which detracted from its credibility. By editing it for him, the Journal unintentionally assisted him in his inaccurate attack. But this is an isolated glitch in your otherwise excellent coverage.

Paul Dunbar

River Forest

Editor’s note: Wednesday Journal always edits letters in the Viewpoints section before printing them.

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