Never mind the old grumps in this town constantly whining about tax dollars; this is our 50-year chance to build something really spectacular for our village and let’s not waste it. [Public reacts to three Ridgeland Common plans, News, Feb. 27]

We should be exploring options like rock climbing walls, water slides and other amenities that many Oak Parkers pay (key word there) to use at health clubs or park districts in other communities. Why not steal some of that business back and while we’re at it, why not even think so big as to build something so fun and different that people from other towns are willing to pay to use it?

I know we don’t want an already overcrowded park to get even more crowded, but a little extra outside cash could really help the park district.

If space is such a large constraint, why not consider breaking up some of the uses and placing a year-round ice center with multiple rinks on Madison? This might allow more room for pools and fields at Ridgeland and get some Oak Parkers to walk down our back-alley main street.

Either way, I encourage everyone to think big on this one. We pay a lot to live here through our tax dollars, so why not splurge on something really fun for a change rather than the same old streetscaping and boring schools? (That’s a bit of a joke.)

Alex Hobbs

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