Former Trustee Gary Sullivan’s letter [Hoke and Dudek should make peace, not war, Viewpoints, Feb. 27] might have been creditable (and readable) if it had less peevish complaining, and more facts regarding trustees Dudek and Hoke’s legislative activities. Mr. Sullivan disingenuously criticized Dudek and Hoke for running unopposed; hypocritically omitting that in 1995 he was elected unopposed (pot/kettle?). Garnering the fewest votes behind Joann Heppes and Bob Graham, Sullivan quickly displayed outsized hubris by appearing before the then-current board of trustees and demanding that they defer legislative action until he was sworn in: Quite the omen.

Speaking of precedent, not since Nixon’s resignation year when defeat of incumbents was rampant, had a RiverForest trustee failed to win re-election  … up until 1999. Not surprisingly, it was Gary Sullivan, who had an undistinguished term of office, and who had the additional misfortune of having another candidate surprisingly added by the “slatemaker” to the typical con-competitive three. In short, Mr. Sullivan has never won a contested election for village trustee (glass house/stones?). I have, however, witnessed several of Mr. Sullivan’s board meeting appearances, all involving ceremonial activities worthy of processional trumpets … or a clown band.

Ironically, following his one-vote loss, Mr. Sullivan would still prefer a candidate to emerge from an anointing rather than political discourse. Apparently, nothing “ticked off” Sullivan to seek office, but he’d like to reserve that prerogative for those doing the people’s business. Nevertheless, from his letter I can’t understand his disappointment with the process. No less a target of political derision, Bill Clinton, recently said that, “Most of us long for politics where we have genuine arguments and vigorous disagreements, but we don’t claim to have the whole truth and we don’t demonize our opponents, and we work for what’s best for the people.” Mr. Sullivan must be in the minority.

While it is his right, Mr. Sullivan’s letter was riddled with quarter-truths. It was mean-spirited, insulting, patronizing, with a total disregard of meaningful facts, and void of any logic. In short, his letter lacked content, much the way his own board charades do.

Michael O’Connell

RiverForest trustee, 2004-2007

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