A Chicago man who had just parked his SUV on the 1150 block of South Cuyler Avenue in Oak Park about 12:30 a.m., Sunday was shot by one of two carjackers.

After one robber approached him and demanded his car keys, the victim punched him in the face twice, knocking him to the ground. However, the man didn’t see the second robber, who struck him on the back of the head with a gun, then shot him in the left shoulder.

The first robber then got up, grabbed the victim’s car keys and drove off with his accomplice in a 2002 Chevy Avalanche.

“He didn’t know it was two guys,” said Oak Park Detective Commander Clemet Harbour. “He punched him thinking it was one on one.”

The man, who was not seriously injured, was taken to Loyola Medical Center in Maywood for treatment.

“It was a through and through,” Harbour said of the gunshot wound. The man had recovered enough to visit the Oak Park police station this afternoon to speak with Harbour about getting his vehicle back. Harbour said the SUV was particularly attractive to potential thieves because of the expensive wheel accessories it sported.

“It had those really nice high-profile rims,” he said.

Chicago police, who were notified soon after the shooting, located the SUV unoccupied and undamaged on the 400 block of North Lawndale on Chicago’s West Side. After watching the vehicle, police arrested five men and turned them over to Oak Park police, who held them for investigation. One man had already been released this morning; Harbour said he doubted the other four would be charged.

“None of them look like they were involved,” said Harbour. “[The victim] thought he punched the one guy pretty good.”

Harbour said the man is also considering getting a different, less flashy ride.

“He realizes he was pretty lucky,” Harbour said.

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