A few weeks ago, I read a two-sentence letter (from one of your readers), commenting on my letter to the paper [Doesn’t Bob know he was voted off? Viewpoints, Jan. 16].  My letter concerning the budget, had more sentences than his letter, and judging from his response, he did not actually read the letter. Perhaps if I had shortened it to two sentences-or provided pictures-he would have been able to read the whole thing.

According to the writer, since I lost the last election, I should go back into a hole. The depth of the letter and the writer’s keen intellect struck me.

Let me first respond by saying, “Yes, I lost the election!” However, that is all I lost. I did not give up my right to speak to the issues that impact our village. Perhaps in his retort to this, your reader could try to do a whole three sentences-as difficult as that might be for him.

On a second note: A reader also sent a one-liner to your paper saying he has been looking at pictures of Frank Paris and me-he noted a perceived similarity in how we look. He asked if we might be twins!

Two points-the fact that this reader is looking at my picture, and Frank’s, is creepy enough. The comparison in looks however fails.

Everyone knows I look like Dan Haley.

Robert Milstein
Oak Park

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