Is it me, or is this parking garage purely a money pit [Library takes control of garage (for now), News]?

We are talking about a small parking garage under the library. Why are costs for security over $200K a year? I don’t think it would be very hard for Oak Park police to take a drive through the parking lot every couple of hours, or just have the security cameras on a system where everything is being taped in case there is an incident. The whole idea is that whether it is the Village of Oak Park or the Oak Park Public Library taking care of the garage, all the money comes from the same pot, which is largely real estate taxes.

Why don’t they stop trying to make money off a small parking garage and just allow people to use it during the day as a courtesy? Oak Park’s parking patrol would love to write tickets for people abusing it; we know they are good at that in other parts of the village. Bottom line is all the back and forth-you owe me, I owe you-has got to stop if this village really wants to stand out and be known as a good community to live in.

Sean Ristau
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