Circle is great theater, but we are bailing them out of a tenancy they don’t want [Property owner may let performers go, WJ Update, Feb. 16].

I’m surprised this was pushed through our
Oak Park board so quickly, with very little time for input from the residents (taxpayers). Look how long it took to decide about lights at the high school. And we cut police and other village employees, and then give money to a theater and business redevelopment? And what about other Oak Park theaters that want a permanent home or the performing arts center? Why not issue an RFP to all the theaters? I think it is a shame.

Francine Malbranche

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We live steps away from the possible theater site, and we are thrilled at the possibility of a great addition and anchor for

Harrison Street
. There are a lot of future patrons and actors for the children’s theater who are ready to welcome Circle Theatre.

Janice Patterson

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I’m delighted that
Oak Park has seen fit to help upgrade the area at Harrison by bringing in Circle Theatre with a nice amount of cash.  Circle’s present facilities don’t measure up to the quality of their excellent performances.

I’m glad things change in
Oak Park.  I remember a couple of years ago when Festival Theatre was struggling and the village fathers felt the group needed spiritual counseling rather than cash.  It would be a good thing if the village board also supported one of our best civic endeavours which has been part of our community in Austin Gardens for years. 

William Brace, Ph. D.

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