As I picked my way through the five inches of accumulated snow surrounding Scoville Park on the Monday morning before last (and again in the evening, when the snow had still not been cleared on any side of the park), I couldn’t help wondering how the Park District of Oak Park has managed to avoid following the new snow removal ordinances to which the rest of us are subject. The park district has consistently failed to clear the sidewalks surrounding Scoville Park this winter (we first observed an apparent lack of attention back in November), leaving the snow to become dangerously packed and icy in a number of high-traffic areas, particularly around the tot lot at Grove & Ontario.

Now perhaps I am particularly sensitive to the treacherous conditions, having trouble balancing on clear and dry sidewalks now that I am in my seventh month of pregnancy, but I see no reason that the park district should feel justified in getting away with such an unsafe and un-neighborly practice. As a community center trafficked heavily by Oak Park pedestrians, Scoville Park and its surrounding sidewalks should be a top priority for safe, clear sidewalks no matter the season.  

Elizabeth Flynn

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