After reading Kevin Peppard’s One View, [Addressing the achievement gap is unconstitutional, Viewpoints, Feb. 6], I fail to see the accuracy of the headline. I deduced from the piece that Mr. Peppard did not suggest the headline; thus, it seems Wednesday Journal took some unfair editorial liberties. Such spin dilutes the highly literate analysis Mr. Peppard offered.

One unfortunate and frustrating aspect about the “gap” discussions is the apparent denial that someone can be “right” about an element of the issue, without making someone else “wrong.” From my reading, I share Mr. Peppard’s belief that addressing the “gap” is constitutional, just not the way it is being done. As such, it is not an indictment of Mr. Lee’s (and the board’s) intentions, but of the approach.

Michael O’Connell
River Forest

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