River Forest
The no-confidence vote received no discussion at Monday’s River Forest village board meeting. An in-depth discussion on the rank-and-file’s vote of no-confidence in police department management last June was tabled Monday night due to lack of preparation and scheduling problems.

With Chief Nicholas Weiss and Deputy Chief Kendra Sullivan in attendance, Village President Frank Paris told the board he wasn’t able to provide the type of analysis and background material he felt necessary to conduct a full and informed discussion.

“I asked to have the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police lodge) no-confidence resolution put on (the agenda) for discussion,” said Paris. “I also anticipated I’d have done a lot more spade work, and have a lot more information for you to look at while you were discussing it.”

Paris then asked to defer discussion to a future meeting. The next regularly scheduled board meeting on Feb. 24 is expected to have a heavy agenda.

Paris said Tuesday he’d hoped to have a direct and full discussion of the issues by the board, and was a bit embarrassed he had to postpone it.

“I was looking to have more analysis of the no-confidence vote,” he said. “I was looking to have the village board address it directly. This last meeting was the ideal time to do it, but I don’t think we were prepared enough.”

FOP Lodge President Sgt. Michael Thornley said the late notice of the agenda item made it impossible for most of the FOP officials to show up, and for Thornley to arrange for the presence of the FOP’s attorney.

“We’ve told them we’ll only appear at board meetings with our attorney present,” Thornley said Monday afternoon. “You can’t give cops who are working 16 hours a week overtime that short a notice.”

Paris said he felt it was unfortunate that people felt they couldn’t appear before the board without their attorney present but acknowledged he hadn’t provided adequate notice. “Certainly there wasn’t enough notice to the FOP. I’m embarrassed I didn’t ask them two weeks ago,” said Paris.

The issue will be addressed soon, he promised.

“I will put it back on the agenda just as soon as I can though I’m not sure when that will occur.”

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