Oak Park is still low on road salt. As of Tuesday morning, the village has reserves of between 200 and 300 tons, Public Works Director John Wielebnicki said.

The village is working on obtaining more salt, communicating daily with its supplier. Oak Park put in an order for 1,000 tons. At about $68 per ton, the order will total roughly $68,000.

With snow falling Monday night, Wielebnicki said fighting the average snowstorm takes about 400-500 tons of salt. The village is hoping to get 350 tons from its order soon. It expected the shipment last week, but supplies are low, demand is high, and some salt barges are reportedly slowed up in rivers headed to Chicago.

The $68 per ton is far higher than the typical $41 the village pays. Desperate for salt, some are paying upwards of $170 per ton, Wielebnicki said.

The village is also seeing a rise in the number of potholes, which are related to salt and cold weather. Residents who spot a pothole can call public works at 708/358-5700.

-Marty Stempniak

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