Hillary Billary stop,
the time’s run off the clock.
Eight years of President Bill
should be any one family’s fill.
Hillary Billary Stop!

The Inevitability Express was derailed in Iowa. No problem. The Clintonistas press-ganged every available asset and broke out the bare knuckles. Hitting Obama below the belt repeatedly and lowering Hillary’s expectations in South Carolina appeared to have settled the mainstream media and pundits back into buying a falsely non-partisan reportage that intoned, “Mud has been flung. Evenly. Fairly. Normally.” What b.s. What wimps the media turn out to be, hedging bets to retain access, holding tongues until the landslide of opinion is obvious.

Fortunately, South Carolina’s Democratic voters blew up the tracks. There will be no Inevitability Express careening through the balance of the primary states, running roughshod over anyone foolish enough to question the heir apparent’s presumptive rights; that is one fairy tale President Bill will advisedly not address. And so the vast majority of the nation’s Democrats will get to decide which set of tactics and campaign tone will carry the Democratic nominee into the fall finals.

I write this screed to all Clinton campaign members and supporters. Unless your candidate and all of her family and extended staff immediately desist their disgraceful speech and tactics, your win in the primaries will be pyrrhic. And you will take down the entire party with you. The ugly desperation shown in the last few weeks is reason enough to send many Democrats to the sidelines–or even to John McCain in November.

Let’s imagine a Hillary presidency won through the down-and-dirty campaign style she has determinedly waged recently. The 40-45 percent of the American electorate who maintain a previously hard-to-accept grudge against Hillary will redouble their hatred and do all in their power to block the many policy changes for which all Democrats yearn. What additional percentage of the now-disgusted middle of the electorate would be needed to make her presidency a catastrophic miasma that our nation and party can ill afford? Winning dirty will be no win this time.

“I got next” was the slogan for the WNBA when it burst upon the scene. This quaint custom works well on pickup basketball courts across the land, but it has no standing in the more serious world of politics. No amount of indignation from Hillary’s camp that argues she has patiently waited her turn will matter. Hard to believe that the Clinton camp, steeped for decades in national politics, has trouble understanding this political fact.

The wheel turns, ever so slowly, but turn it will. 9/11 bought two terms for Bush 43 and a national docility that allowed so many unspeakable actions to be undertaken in our name. The U.S. has long been a prime exporter of military weaponry and modern warfare tactics; did we need add the distinction of being one of the world’s leading proponents and practitioners of torture? Does immediate withdrawal from Iraq square with our responsibilities, now that we have destroyed most of that nation’s infrastructure? Will that work any better than our abandonment of Afghanistan 20 years ago? The doctrine of pre-emptive warfare morphed into preventive war, and its very first implementation is a sad story of deceit, non-existent planning, and willful ignorance of our intelligence-gathering community. How do we redeem ourselves to a world needing America to regain a firm moral standing and wanting the U.S. to dialog meaningfully on the broad range of challenges that face all mankind? The Democrats need to be the party that leads us out of this self-imposed worldview.

It would take a monumental error on the part of the Democrats to lose the November presidential battle. The petulance of Hillary’s advisors, shown through their employment of corrosive win-at-all-costs tactics, is about the only hope the Republicans have. Scorched-earth Democratic primary politics is the one play in the Republican arsenal that has any chance of success.

Time waits for no man–or woman. If Barack Obama wins eight years in the Oval Office, I will promise you now that I would fight any attempt that Michelle Obama makes to run for the presidency. She seems to be a brilliant woman, an accomplished lawyer, and the (would be) wife of a president–just like Hillary. Let’s find another woman worthy of being the first female president, one who earns our admiration wholly on her own. She has been there for us before; she will certainly be there in eight years. Let’s just not have her be someone named Kennedy or Obama or Bush or Reagan or Clinton. Haven’t we had enough of family dynasties for a long while?    

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