Barbara Van Heukelem: Here are two photos of a fox taken from Grace Lutheran Church in River Forest shortly after 4 p.m. on December 30, 2007–just before my daughter’s wedding (you can see the Grace steeple in the reflection on the street). The photos were taken by my nephew’s wife, Melissa Dykman from Fremont, Michigan.

Marie Jenson: I work from home in my second story office at 1224 N. Euclid. I noticed something out of the corner of my eye the after noon of Jan. 4th. When I looked out the window I saw two red fox walking down the shoveled sidewalk. It was so funny because they only walked on the shoveled sidewalks! They went across the street and up on three of my neighbors porches. They looked like they were scanning for food. I believe there are people who leave dog or cat food out for strays and they were on the hunt for some! These were taken with a blackberry from the second floor of my house. The first picture is the first fox looking back for his buddy. The second picture is kind of hard to see the fox coming down from the steps of my neighbor.

Sally Nieto

Sally Nieto

Curt Brown: Not too close, but still a photo of River Forest’s own resident fox. Photo taken in my backyard on Lathrop Ave about two weeks ago. My cat Bella has not been allowed out since!

John Barkidjija: This fox and her friend visited our backyard at 815 William Street in River Forest on Saturday morning February 2 at about 8 a.m. They were spotted by my twin sons Nicholas and George (age 4.5 years). She and her mate refused to cooperate and stand still together for the photo shoot. This is not the first sighting in our yard, but it is the first time we managed to find the camera in time. I’m assuming that this was the female, since the other was a little larger. Although, my twins said, “Look Dad, they are twins like us.”

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