I did not attend the first meeting about capping the Ike because I thought the idea was so ridiculous that it would not go any further [A recap on the Ike cap, Ken Trainor’s blog, Jan. 18]. I regret I didn’t get involved. But I was at a public mass transit rally in front of the State of Illinois building during the money crisis, where I had the opportunity to speak to the Illinois legislative mass transit committee chair, Julie Hamos. I suggested to her the long-term remedy of extending the Blue Line into the farther suburbs, and she asked me where the Blue Line ended. My short-term, less costly solution was running express buses on all expressways just like the Sheridan Road Express buses on Lake Shore Drive. I followed up with an e-mail repeating my suggestion.

Has anyone thought of the burden of maintenance costs to our children and future generations? We need to repair the very old infrastructure we have now.

My heart really sank when I saw a picture of Oak Park President David Pope with Sen. Dick Durbin, happy to put this pork item into the federal budget. Durbin lost some points on that one. I suppose Pope will be happy to be involved with even more contacts with contractors and state and federal government officials. Like with the invasion and occupation of Iraq, we must always ask: Who benefits? And we must now always ask: How will this affect the planet and global warming?

Leslie Roberts
Oak Park

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