Mr. Broderick,

Please accept my apology for name-calling [<One man’s ‘sour grapes’ is another’s ‘democracy’, Viewpoints, Jan. 16]. I did fall into that trap and am sorry I did it.

I am also sorry someone took your sign. If I lived next door to you, I would also have a similar sign that would say “Specifically Why?” I have no doubt that my sign would be removed far sooner than yours. The tragedy of your loss is that I won’t know to snicker and roll my eyes as I drive past your house.

Ken Trainor wrote an opinion that I didn’t agree with. I expressed my reasons for disapproval–right or wrong they are my reasons. Mr. Broderick, you didn’t write to the WJ in support of Ken’s column but chose to write to criticize my reasoning. I find that your facts are skewed to your political view and that’s OK too. Truth probably lies somewhere in the middle. The problem with this forum is that the original column [Do we deserve Dubya? Viewpoints, Nov. 7] was published 4-6 weeks ago and very few people remember the specifics that we are talking about.

Ray Simpson
Oak Park

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