I just finished reading the Jack Crowe column about a Republican candidate [Who is the best opponent for Obama? Viewpoints, Jan. 30]. In it he questions why Republicans live in Oak Park and why don’t they reside in Oak Brook or someplace else. This is not very tolerant. I, and my family before me, were tolerant of his moving into our conservative Republican town where my grandparents moved in 1893, and we have lived here ever since, so why should we move out?

Why didn’t he stay in Chicago or some other Democratic area and leave us alone? In spite of what I have read about conservatives, I have only seen them as the ones who say you can have your opinion and I will have mine, and at the ballot box we will make our choices. Too often in the newspapers and elsewhere, I see liberals say you can’t have your opinion as long as it agrees with me and don’t question my viewpoints. Tolerance goes both ways and only if we let the other person express his viewpoint without condemning it can we learn about what may be the best for everyone concerned.

I have only lived here for 45 years, so I cannot say positively what our political views have been since 1903 when the village was formed, but I have watched it change over the years, including going wet, banning atomic weapons, and handguns being banned. I am not sure what the future holds, but it should be interesting.
Edward Downs   
Oak Park

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