As you may have noticed, changes are occurring quickly here at the Animal Care League Resale Shop. While change can be scary, it can also be very exciting. We wanted to provide this note to our loyal customers to let you know why we decided to make these changes and what to expect in the future.

First, the need for change. The Resale Shop has been a very important part of the Animal Care League for more than 20 years and we want it to be part of the shelter for another 20. The Shop has been an important contributor to our financial, and therefore our animals, well being, however; as with all long time endeavors, we need to look at whether or not we are maximizing the benefit we receive from this wonderful place. This does not mean the Resale Shop is failing or that we don’t value our loyal customers. We know the Shop’s success is directly related to you, our customers. What we need to do is to invite in additional customers to help us keep up with the rising costs of running the shelter and the Resale Shop, such as rent, utilities, food, medicine, etc. Due to the small physical space of the Resale Shop, we need to pull some items off the selves to make room for new merchandise we hope to sell. We will continue to offer gently used merchandise for sale, but we will now also have animal related merchandise, thus keeping in line with our core business, which are the animals.

The second reason for this change is the need to increase the exposure of our cats that are up for adoption. All around the State, shelters are reporting extremely high numbers of cats being given up or found stray. Progress is being made with spay/neuter programs, but we still have a big overpopulation problem. Unfortunately the Animal Care League is also seeing a large number of cats coming to the shelter and getting them adopted seems to be harder and harder to do. I won’t go into why this is the case here, but suffice it to say that we need to find new ways of getting our cats seen by the public and the Resale Shop provides us with a wonderful opportunity to do just this. The Shop is in a great location and will offer our cats great exposure, so in 2008 we are going to bring cats into the Shop with the intent of increasing cat adoptions. This change goes hand in hand with the new merchandise we will be selling as new adopters will be able to get their cat supplies right where they get their new pet. Additionally, by focusing on felines, we won’t create a competitive situation with our long time supporter and neighbor a few doors down.

We know that changing something that has been around as long as the Resale Shop has been can be unsettling, but please understand we are doing this to further fulfill our mission ?#34; which is to help as many homeless pets as possible.

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