Since Adam took that first bite of the apple and was cast out of paradise, people have been making resolutions to change their behavior and get back on track. Here’s what people were saying in Oak Park and River Forest recently when asked, “Did you make any resolutions this New Year?”

“Ride my bike to work more often.”

Chris Meyer

Animal Care League volunteer

“Quit smoking.”

Roxanne Howard

U.S. Postal Service, South Branch

“Be on time for work-I am always late for everything. If someone tells me to meet them at 9:30, I will always be there at 9:35 or 9:40.”

Martin Contreras Animal Care League, assistant director

“I didn’t make a resolution.”

Nathaniel Hoekstra

“I am going to get me a better job. Working at Jimmy John’s is a good job but I’ve got seven kids and need more money.”

Curtis Brown

“I started a week-long detox Jan. 1-just juice and raw fruits and vegetables to start clean for the new year.”

Danielle Drinates

Columbia fashion student, RF resident

“I don’t make resolutions at New Year. I make them every day when I get up,”

Naomi Hilcher

Oak Park resident

“I want to learn Spanish. There are people at Whole Foods-associates and customers-who speak Spanish and try to speak to me, and I think learning it is important, so this is the year. There are resources listed by the Oak Park Public Library and I am going to try those.”

Kate Arnoldt

Fly Bird and Whole Foods

“I resolve to keep my private thoughts and feelings to myself. I also resolve to maintain my integrity and find areas to improve that.”

Akiva Yehudi Jamesse

“I resolve to meditate in 2008 and to relax. I worry, therefore I am.”

Marcy Darin

Oak Park mom

“I resolve to be better in French.”

Aster Darin

Marcy’s daughter

“I resolve to be open to whatever the universe has in store for me.”

Dawn Edmiston

RF resident

“I resolve to vote for Kucinich for president. There is going to be a recount of the New Hampshire votes.”

Leslie Roberts

“I am going to get my bachelor’s in English literature.”

Rosie Camargo

Magic Tree Bookstore

“I want to lose weight.”

Tanya Califf

Rosie’s associate at Magic Tree

Top 10 resolutions

According to, the top 10 are:

n Spend time with family

n Fit in fitness

n Tame the bulge

n Quit smoking

n Enjoy life more

n Quit drinking

n Get out of debt

n Learn something new

n Help others

n Get organized

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