I am writing to encourage voters in the 78th Illinois Congressional District [north Oak Park and all of River Forest] to support Representative Deborah Graham for re-election to the Illinois House in the Feb. 5 primary. Rep. Graham knows what is important to her constituents because she had to overcome many obstacles and challenges that many members of our community face today.

I have met Rep. Graham several times and have always found her to be accessible and willing to listen. She welcomes ideas from her constituents and is willing to work with them. She is a person of great integrity and is a hard worker. She works closely with state Senator Don Harmon, and together they worked to create the Illinois Early Learning Council. The council then went on to pass Pre-School for All, making Illinois the only state in the nation to offer free pre-school to all 3- and 4-year-olds. She and Sen. Harmon are now working on passing a tough ethics reform bill for Illinois.

In addition, Rep. Graham has been an advocate for child safety and has worked to protect the vulnerable from predatory lending practices. She has faced tough personal challenges and has accomplished a great deal both personally and politically. However, there is much more to be done. Rep. Graham needs to be re-elected to continue the work that is so important to our community and our district.

Judy Alfonsi
Oak Park

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