Lindsey Gallery, a retail staple in Oak Park for over 25 years, will close its doors for good.

Owner John Lindsey said Monday that he was still optimistic about the store’s future a few months ago, after they changed their retail mix, but customers just weren’t interested.

He believes the tendency, more and more, is for people to want products from national chains. He said it’s happening all over the country where landlords are gradually getting squeezed by taxes to the point where they have no choice but to rent or sell to a national firm that can afford it.

Lindsey, 61, emphasized, however, that his landlord has been nothing but helpful. He knew his business was at its end when he purchased a wealth of fresh, unique clothing items. No one bit, and sales were much worse than last year.

“The consumer was no longer interested in different,” he said. “They wanted cheap.”

The gallery has gone through several different concept changes over the last seven years.

People are buying now, but prices are severely slashed, with items that went for $15 to $250 selling for $5 to $25, Lindsey said.

The retailer started out as a custom jewelry designer on Lake Street, then Marion Street, but now resides at 111 N. Oak Park Ave.

-Marty Stempniak

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