The passing of long-term Republican congressman and former Illinois State representative Henry Hyde brings back old memories – when Oak Park had enough Republican votes to have elected two Republicans, including Henry and myself.

At the time, Oak Park had been divided into three districts to which I objected as being like Gaul divided into three parts. Henry and I campaigned together sometimes with Chuck Percy, who was going again for U.S. Senator. I did not agree with Henry on all issues, but he was very appropriate in addressing issues and always showed respect for others.

Henry was already a state representative who was eligible to run with me from our 18th District, even though he had lost the primary from his former district in the city. Henry old me that if he lost this election, he would bow out of politics and continue with his legal career.

In our campaign, we had hoped to equally divide the Republican vote with a sufficient majority for both of us to be elected. This could have resulted in the defeat of Oak Park’s former Democrat and good representative, Phil Rock, or his fellow candidate.

When the total vote came in, it appeared that I would start a new career in Springfield with Henry. However, it was his cup which runneth over with so many votes that I did not have enough and came in last. Henry and Phil went on with their good careers.

Ward P. Fisher
Oak Park

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