We need your help.

Without public discussion, Comcast moved Cspan-2, a public access station, to an “entertainment group” part of their digital programming, which requires an additional monthly payment of $14.99. This change represents an additional charge of approximately $180 a year. This charge burdens all, especially the homebound, the disabled, and the poor.

Since its inception in 1986 Cspan-2 has been funded by the cable industry and is operated as a non-profit organization by the National Cable Satellite Corporation whose board of directors consists primarily of representatives of the largest cable companies. This group, from the beginning, has committed to maintaining Cspan-2 without additional charge as part of the basic programming offers.

Cspan-2 is the only TV station dedicated to presenting the discussion of specific books and authors. Cspan-2, better known as Book TV, dedicates the entire time from Saturday 6 a.m., until 6 a.m. Monday to this information.

We wish to have Comcast rescind this decision (as they have in other areas of the country). By lending your name, you will substantially contribute to this effort. A more detailed statement, aimed at broader statewide distribution, has been published as an Internet website: www.dolphingroup.info.

We are asking all persons who have a commitment to maintain a broad education and learning base through reading to join us. My e-mail address is carlc85@gmail.com. Feel free to forward this request to persons of similar interest.
Carl Cirillo
Oak Park

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