Saturday, Nov. 10, my husband, three of our grandchildren, and I attended a showing of the Bee Movie at the Lake Theatre. During the movie, my wedding ring, long too large, fell from my finger. (My husband and I have been married for 45 years and have seven children.)

Well, I tried to find the ring in the dark and could not. When the movie was over, all five of us began looking. The cleaners turned on the lights, which made the looking that much easier. They also gave my husband a small broom which he used. Not only did we look, but all the cleaning employees and a mother and son were helping us also. An assistant manager came and helped as well. Well, we didn’t find it. I honestly through it was lost forever.

My oldest daughter and her husband were in California at the time, and she called the Lake Theatre three or four times. She explained the age of the ring and asked them to check the areas where the chairs are bolted to the floor. She received a call from the manager. They had found the ring! When she called our house, we erupted with joy.

I cannot thank The Lake enough for their very kind attention to my problem. They are surely valued employees.

Dee LeFevour
Oak Park

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