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At least seven Oak Park and River Forest High School student athletes have been suspended from playing in their respective sports after anonymous photos surfaced showing them at a party where alcohol was present.

Three batches of anonymous photos were e-mailed to the high school since the start of the school year. The latest batch was recently sent to a school official, confirmed Don Vogel, OPRF’s principal.

Vogel said six to seven athletes were identified from the photos, which appeared to be from a party where alcohol was visible. The batch of photos showed between 20 and 40 OPRF students, including the student athletes.

The student athletes were suspended for violating the school’s Athletic Code of Conduct, which prohibits athletes from using, possessing, or transporting alcohol and/ or drugs at any time during the school year or attending parties and activities where the substances are used.

Vogel said the athletes were members of various school sports teams. The range of suspensions a student athlete can receive is anywhere from one game to 25 percent of his/her games for their sport, Vogel said.

If the suspension occurs when the sport is out of season, the suspension will be administered once the sport resumes seasonal play.

No action was taken against any other identified students, Vogel said, explaining that school officials don’t know who sent the photos or if the party took place recently. He said, though, that some of the photos appeared to be taken during the summer.

For non-athletes, if the photos were taken outside of school hours, the school cannot take disciplinary action.

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