Heads up, spin doctors! New cutting-edge technology in the near (but not quite!) total misdirection of verbiage [With warm words and light drizzle, Marion Street opens, News, Nov. 28]. This example should be of use to public relations people large and small. This modest example of how to turn a closed (in fact) street into an open street (hopefully) in human perception should give you a few new ideas about how to make all sorts of unfortunate realities disappear.

You gotta wonder how much of our village tax dollars had to get paid to Wednesday Journal in “thanks” for this especially favorable treatment.

Actually I wouldn’t mind if the street were left closed as a sort of “street mall.” But if that’s what’s happening, why did we spend all that money to just change the appearance of the mall?

The good news (should anyone want to report on that) is that the block is once again fit for human pedestrian activity. But any report of the street being open again is purely premature gladstanding that can only be intended to minimize the political damage to those responsible for this endless project.

But then what do I know … If I really had any brains I would be starting up a construction company and cozying up to our village board.

Steve Salmon
Submitted to WednesdayJournalOnline.com

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