Are you angry at the size of your property tax bill? Thought it was going to decrease? With $15 million to the park district to create a natural disaster at Field Park, cut down dozens of trees at Austin Gardens, and establish a dog park at Maple Park almost unanimously rejected by Maple Park neighbors; $6 million to turn the Marion Street mall into a clogged, SUV-polluting street; tens of millions for a new public works building without anyone being held accountable for the fire; and District 97 about to propose a tax referendum, the burden isn’t going to get any smaller.

Perhaps you are upset about the arrogance showed by the Light Up the Stadium proponents, the expenditure of $20,000 in taxpayer funds to support Village President David Pope’s pal Gary Cuneen’s symposium, the continued payouts to condo developers, or the current village board trying to extend the outrageous property tax surcharge on downtown property owners without any termination date.

Our new group met at Papaspiros Nov. 14 in the lower level for dinner, drinks, and conversation. Join us to discuss possible strategies to bring Oak Park back to Oak Parkers.

Frank Gervasi
Oak Park

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