Again Ken Trainor continues to use the Wednesday Journal as his personal bully pulpit [Do we deserve Dubya? Viewpoints, Nov. 7] with his venomous diatribes against President Bush. While I respect his right to disagree, does it necessitate such malevolent, malicious bashing? And if that isn’t enough, he confers sainthood on Al Gore and at the same time excuses the seriously character-flawed Bill Clinton with fawning adulation. No doubt, he would like to see Clinton in the White House as the First Husband. What a sickening travesty that would be! Though Trainor bashes Bush, I would hope that he has some respect for the office of the presidency of the United States, the greatest nation on God’s green earth. Lastly, I can imagine the Islamo-Nazi and Al Qaeda terrorists in this country and abroad dancing with glee at Trainor’s remarks.

Robert J. Hammer
Oak Park

Editor’s note: As Mark Twain used to say (attributed to him anyway): “Respect for the office, always. Respect for its occupant when he (or she) earns it.”

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