A couple of comments in response to Ron Murphy’s posting are in order. First, and most important, in referring to the infamous letter to the editor and accompanying photo that appeared in the Wednesday Journal some time ago, Ron states that it was “a neighbor” who “fearmongered the lights.” Clearly Ron was implying that the author was someone opposed to the lights who lived near the high school. There is no evidence to support such an inference or allegation, and Ron’s attempt to paint those of us who live near the high school as “fearmongers” is both offensive and incorrect.

Secondly, with regard to Ron’s statements about the shortage of practice fields, the high school’s athletic director testified at the initial ZBA hearing that adding lights at the high school would not alleviate the need to bus students to other fields. He also testified that there are no students currently being deprived of the opportunity to participate in sports because of the absence of lights at the stadium.

While Ron and other supporters of the lights are certainly entitled to express their opinion, they should do so without resorting to distorting the facts and impugning the motives of those with an opposing view.

Richard M. Newman
Submitted to WednesdayJournalOnline.com

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