Has it come to this? Has the Wednesday Journal decided to endorse name-calling as an acceptable method of conflict resolution? As high school neighbors since 1985, we object to the characterization of lights opponents as pests [At long last lights? Our Views, Nov. 14]. When you describe those who disagree with you as vermin, you are on a slippery slope, beginning the rapid descent away from the democratic values that Oak Park holds dear. When you say “go back home,” you forget – we are home. We remind you that the rights of the minority are something to be treasured in a free society. This includes the right to pursue our interests in the court system. What would you rather have, orderly resolution of conflict, or intimidation and insults?

Deb and Neal Spira
Oak Park

Editor’s note: Wednesday Journal never has and never would characterize anyone as “vermin.” Why this would even be suggested makes us wonder what kind of slippery slope some stadium neighbors are sliding down. In our Nov. 14 editorial, we said, “Neighbors, stop being pests.” We stand by that statement, and will continue to describe people as pests when they engage in excessive pestering.

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