I like OPRF Supt. Attila Weninger’s road map to achievement as written in Wednesday Journal, Oct. 17. I agree with the idea of assessing student progress from the primary grades and a “mentoring program to ease the transition into high school.” I agree with “an approach to all students.” To me this means encouraging an examination of values, priorities, and work ethic. This leads to responsibilities of both students and parents because no matter how good the teachers and school administrators, the parents and students have their part to play.

By all means be open to “identify best instructional practices” at other high schools-if as you printed recently, a high school in Austin can succeed, OPRF should be able to also.

I am a little surprised that Jacques Conway after two years on the District 200 board and now president has yet to “see what the school has done in the past to address achievement.” It seems to me that the board president is looking at the past while the superintendent is looking and planning for the future.

Claire Lareau
Oak Park

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