This article is not a white and brown issue. Fernando is going beyond the point of common sense [‘Mexican music’ reference was an ethnic slur, Viewpoints, Nov. 7]. Mexican music is just that-music produced for and probably performed by Mexicans. As a Mexican-American, my point of view is there’s nothing wrong in identifying the type of music the family was enjoying. Let’s keep our emotions in check and allow the facts to be placed on the table without making everything a race card issue. There was no disrespect by any means and setting up the scene did just that-establish the scene for all readers. Mexicans as Mexican-Americans are part of the American fabric, whether you like it or not.

A note to the editor: keep doing your job as journalist by writing the facts and don’t look over your shoulder each time ethnic situations are involved.

Diversity is a beautiful thing. Let’s learn to get along as Americans, humans, as good folks of good will and stop trying to make everything an racial issue. ¡Adelante!

Vive Tejano!
R. Cubillos
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