As usual, less than 1/10 of 1% of River Foresters attended the Oct. 22 village board meeting (admittedly, I left-after waiting almost an hour for the scheduled 7:30 meeting to begin).

However, if history repeated itself, I’d bet more “giveaways” occurred then, like the parking ticket fix for proposed Hearing Officer Jim O’Rourke and like the tax break for insider Richard Smith. And I’d bet similar deals were probably approved by Trustees Conti, Dillon and Pat (“I’m dumb, I only went to Loyola”) O’Brien, while trustees Dudek and Nummer continued to be frustrated in opposition.

No wonder the “3 blind mice” and their controller, Village President Frank Paris, can get away with it! Too few River Foresters are watching.

Public vigilance is imperative to protect both our property and our liberty-even from village government.

Edward V. Hanrahan
River Forest

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