There have been many reports of MRSA outbreaks at schools in the media lately [MRSA infection hits RF school, News, Oct. 31]. I think the media is missing the point. MRSA is not just in schools; it is everywhere, including public transportation and workplaces. I contracted a severe MRSA infection this July, and I did not frequent any schools, locker rooms, or hospitals.

It started as a small “spider bite” on the back of my leg and resulted in a total inflammation of the leg within four days. I made three trips to the doctor and was given two oral antibiotics before being hospitalized and put on IV Vancomycin, a heavy-duty, wide range antibiotic. I never did find out where or how I contracted this.

The lesson I would share from this experience is that all minor cuts should be treated immediately with antiseptic and covered by a bandage. Inflamed cuts should result in an immediate visit to the doctor. MRSA is in our environment and merely scrubbing our schools and locker rooms will not eliminate it.

Leslie R. Sutphen
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