A business man and an Olympic athlete are this year’s Oak Park and River Forest High School Tradition of Excellence honorees.

The Tradition of Excellence honors distinguished OPRF alumni.

Charles Carey is currently chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade. Carey is also a partner in the independent trading firm Henning and Carey. His grandfather also served as CBT chairman in 1933 during the Great Depression. Carey has been a member of the CBT since 1978, and is a lifelong Chicagoan.

John Register is an Olympic track athlete. Register twice qualified for the Olympic trials in 1988 and 1992. Register suffered an injury in 1994, resulting in his left leg being amputated. He went on to participate as a swimmer in the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta. He qualified for the 2000 Paralympic games in track and field.

The Tradition of Excellence awards dinner is Thursday, Nov. 1, with a school assembly Friday Nov. 2, at OPRF, 201 N. Scoville Ave.

Red fox spotted in Oak Park

If you see a fox in Oak Park, it’s probably best to leave it alone.

Residents on the 600 block of South Carpenter spotted a red fox trotting along last Wednesday. Resident Karen Daniel saw the fox, which was being followed by a woman on a bike and several children, all at a “respectful distance.”

“It was a beautiful animal,” Daniel said in an email to the Journal.

She wasn’t sure what Oak Park’s protocol is for fox sightings, and Jason Pounds, animal control officer in Oak Park, says there isn’t much of one.

“As long as they’re not sick or injured or terrorizing anyone, we don’t bother them,” he said.

Unless the nocturnal creatures are being aggressive, or in danger which rarely ever happens, it’s best to leave the animal alone.

Pounds went to see the fox in a yard on the 700 block of Kenilworth, getting within 6 or 7 feet just to make sure everything was OK. On average, he said, animal controls sees maybe three or four foxes a year. It might happen more often, but the animals are so small (smallest of the dog family) that people often mistake them for a cat or dog.

Pounds just told the following children to leave the apparently healthy fox alone and he’d go home.

Unlike wolves, foxes hunt alone, eating mice and rabbits. It’s possible the animal has a den in Oak Park, but Pounds doubted it, speculating that it came from Thatcher Woods, bouncing around trying to survive.

Getting close is a concern because you might scare the animal into traffic, he said. He’s never seen a fox bite anyone in his 10 years working with animals.

“They won’t bother you, just leave them alone and they’ll go away,” Pounds said. “They’re harmless…Don’t try to pick it up, just call animal control and let them handle it, as with any wildlife.”

Anyone seen Sinbad lately (not the pirate)?

Apparently, comedian Sinbad lives in Oak Park. The state of California released a list of delinquent tax payers last week, and one person named was Sinbad, who owes $2,138,592 in personal income taxes and currently resides in Oak Park, according to last week’s Chicago Tribune.

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