I agree with Mr. Barwin’s assertion that more needs to be done to address the problems of guns, drugs and crime [Barwin on guns, drugs and crime, News, Oct. 17]. Creating more federal and state programs and bureaucracies is not the answer. Mr. Barwin says: “We need a societal review of our laws and philosophies and interpretation of the second amendment. Getting robbed is bad. But getting robbed and shot is tragic.”

I agree. Getting robbed and shot is tragic. But reasoning that a reinterpretation of the second amendment would prevent it from happening is naive. Statistics clearly show that criminals rarely, if ever, legally purchase guns. How would reinterpreting the second amendment prevent a law-biding citizen from “getting robbed and shot”? Or for that matter, bludgeoned to death on their front lawn? It wouldn’t. For example, one need only to look at England, Canada and Australia’s rise in violent crime following their unsuccessful reinterpretation of gun laws.

Reinterpreting the Constitution will not make guns, drugs and crime disappear. Continuing to provide socio-economic support, educational opportunities through existing programs, committed local government, involved citizens, clergy and employers, will.

Rick Pickren
River Forest

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