It is certainly difficult to lower the temperature of this discussion when my comments vis-a-vis the YMCA project are completely mischaracterized (Mr. Solan accused me of making inflammatory and baseless accusations against supporters of SRO units at the YMCA). I have lived within a block of the YMCA for more than 38 years and have been a member of the YMCA for more than more than 30 years. These Y residents are fine members of the community, and I am in complete agreement that their housing needs to be preserved.

The project in question is a completely different animal. Let’s keep the focus on trying to find housing for the current residents of the YMCA and broadly dispersing supportive and low-income housing throughout not only Oak Park but also the West Cook suburbs. Income, racial, ethnic, religious, and sexual orientation diversity are bedrock Oak Park values that I support.

Let’s not compare pears and potatoes. It is both simplistic and unkind of Mr. Solan to suggest that a) there is a campaign against current Y residents and b) that the proposed huge supportive housing complex might not have a negative effect on the neighborhood as the proposed target populations differ from the YMCA residents. I strongly support dialing down the emotional temperature through mediation, including neighborhood representation.

CarolJean Kier
Oak Park

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