I see that the phony conservatives are screaming their heads off because Barack Obama has said he won’t bother wearing a U.S. flag pin on his lapel any more. Hmmm.

Obama’s statement reminded me of an ad I saw in the paper the other day for a Big Foot Go-Cart in “patriotic colors.” Patriotic colors?

Maybe the phonies have a point–that patriots should be judged, not by their actions but the color of their go-carts or the pins on their lapels. That would certainly help explain the disgraceful treatment the phony conservatives have been giving to our soldiers lately.

The Minnesota National Guard unit, for example, pulled out of Iraq one day early to save some bucks by denying their GI benefits.

The soldiers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress whose veterans benefits are denied for supposed “pre-existing conditions.”

The disgusting way phony Rush Limbaugh described soldiers who are fighting and dying right now in Iraq but have personal opinions contrary to Limbaugh’s masters.

Sure, these soldiers may be fighting and dying for their country, but if they are patriots, where are their flag pins, where are their patriotic colors?

So maybe the phonies are right. After all, over the summer I saw a man at Rehm Pool wearing the flag as swimming trunks. I saw a woman lying on a flag as a beach towel. I saw a boy with a flag as a bandanna around his head. True patriots all!

But Barack Obama says that wearing a flag pin doesn’t make you a patriot, that you need to actually do something for your country to be a patriot. Well, Senator, who’s the fool now?

James Aiello
Oak Park

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