Finally, the time has come for the annual Lectures in Church Music conference! We’re not going because we’re not allowed to do anything that costs money, but we’re happy just thinking about all those church musicians gathering at Concordia University for three days, Sunday through Tuesday, Oct. 21 to 23 (209-3060). Our father is an organist and was a church musician for many years. A couple decades of listening to him play in church and practice at home has created in us the Pavlovian response of complete physical relaxation whenever we hear an organ’s booming tones. As well as an urge to duck and flee, in order not to have to talk to well-meaning old ladies.

Those organ-lovers whose financial constraints resemble ours may want to come with us to hear organist David Anderson in a free recital of music by Bach, Dupre and Langlais on Friday, Oct. 19 at 7:30 p.m. in Ascension Catholic Church, 801 S. East Ave. (848-2703). Such a grand and inspiring instrument, the organ. And, for some of us, uniquely soothing. Elbow us if we snore. It’s not our fault; it’s bred in the bone.

‘Tis the season to hear organs, apparently. Next weekend we have Melody Jackson Turner performing at First United Church of Oak Park, 848 Lake St., on Saturday, Oct. 27, at 7 p.m. (386-5215). The suggested donation is $10, but we are notoriously deaf to suggestion.

Expressions Graphics, 29 Harrison St. (386-3552), calls its current exhibit Cats. We’re not going, because we’re for dogs. But you cat people may be interested in the feline-themed mono-prints, block prints, etchings and woodcuts that are on display through Oct. 28.

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