With regard to comments pertaining to listing the racial identity of those who commit crimes within the Oak Park boundaries [Chicago cop shoots suspect in Oak Park after being hit by car, WJ Update], what is that going to accomplish except create unwanted and unneeded alarm within our community? It feels as if some have reached a conclusion that all the activities that require police intervention within Oak Park are perpetrated by minorities, presumably those from the West Side of Chicago.

Police asking for a detailed description of a person who has committed a crime is a very “common sense” approach, so that an innocent person is not mistaken and detained for the criminal act of someone else.

Negative stereotypes exist because “some” people decide to live “down” to them. However, it is “narrow-minded” and “naïve” to think that every person exemplifies the negative stereotype that is heaped upon them because of their race, creed or gender. 

I am a college-degreed African-American female with a husband, two-children (in that order), employed, active in the school community, an Oak Park resident paying a mortgage and Oak Park property taxes, born, raised and educated on the West Side of Chicago.

Which stereotype(s) do I fit – or more importantly, which stereotype(s) did I just break down?

Cassandra Hutchinson
Submitted at WednesdayJournalOnline.com

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