Are Oak Park residents aware that the imminent CTA service cuts will eliminate the No. 86 Bus (Ridgeland/Narragansett)? The No. 86 bus serves the east side of Oak Park and Galewood, taking commuters to the CTA Green Line, getting OPRF High School students to school, bringing nannies and housekeepers to their jobs, and getting hundreds of students from the West Side of Chicago to Wright College.

The No. 86 is an essential transit artery in our area. Those of us who use it contribute to the improved quality of life in our area by not adding to the traffic congestion and pollution caused by unnecessary car trips.

If you care about any of the above, call state Sen. Don Harmon and state kRep. Deborah Graham and tell them to do everything in their power to provide funding to prevent CTA service cuts.

Marie Jordan
Oak Park

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