I would like to see the list of communities’ crime statistics with a notation on which have restrictive gun ordinances [Comparatively, Oak Park crime is still high, Viewpoints, Sept. 5]. Oak Park’s anti-gun ordinance may well fall victim to the D.C. circuit’s finding of an unconstitutional gun ban in our nation’s capital.

Our community would be safer from bad guys if they were not 99 percent sure that our residents could not defend home and family. I do not want Maple Park to be our own OK Corral. I do want responsible citizens to be able to stand up and defend themselves and their neighbors. I also want our legal system to put the bad guys away for long, long jail terms. If all of the bad people are off the street, the problem becomes minimal. Responsible gun owners do not let children have access to firearms and teach them to respect the potential danger.

Ray Simpson
Submitted at WednesdayJournalOnline.com

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