OK, since no one will say it, I will.

Where are the good movies (ones with a plot & story line), something of interest, something for the serious moviegoer, such as A Mighty Heart (Angelina Jolie), Hoax (Richard Gere), Mr. Brooks (Kevin Kostner) – not at the Lake – and with stars we know.

Not movies with names of stars never heard of or cartoons (so many of them) or high-flying, computer-energized cars and noise-explosions, etc. and now: Harry Potter, which appeals to kids and some grown-up kids, Hairspray, with likable John Travolta cavorting in a fat suit, but really! Where are the good movies? I can’t go to all the movie houses out of our area, so I rely on the Lake Theatre and North Riverside.

North Riverside said: They can’t help movies showing there (they don’t have the good ones either). It’s the fault of the studios, they said. I haven’t been to a movie in months and used to go at least every week or every other week. I guess I’m being more selective as to what film I want to give my money to.

Hollywood is getting very disgusting lately and morally questionable (Knocked Up, etc., etc.), Sicko, a turnoff. But that’s just me, a disgusted movie fan.

You know, this is my second letter (I tore the first one up, decided not to mail it, but I’m still upset about the whole situation. I’ve taken to reading books of interest. I have one waiting for me at the library. Can’t wait to read it.

Name withheld on request

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