On behalf of the West Suburban Special Recreation Association (WSSRA) Day Camp participants, this letter offers public thanks to the donors who generously contributed to the 2007 WSSRA day camp scholarship fund:

• The Berwyn Community Development Block Grant Fund

• The Cicero Community Development Block Grant Fund

• Thumbuddy Special

• The Hinsdale Masons

• Illinois Project for Special Needs Children

• West Suburban Special Recreation Foundation

• American Camping Association of Illinois

• Firefighters IAFF Local 1526 in Franklin Park

• Oak Park Township

• Ms. Peggy Vicars

• Town of Cicero

Summer can be a happy time for most children as there can be so much to do and experience. Swimming, baseball, picnics, playing games, creating, biking, laughing and imagining are all part of a typical summer. For children with disabilities, these experiences are especially wonderful. Participating in life outside of therapy or “special ed” time, helps WSSRA participants forget their differences and just have fun. Day Camp makes that happen. WSSRA camp staff focus on what the campers can do rather than their challenges. With detailed agendas and close supervision, WSSRA helps kids experience success and the simple joys of childhood.

Making a difference in a child’s life is an important task. The children in WSSRA’s day camp program certainly agree. We are grateful for the donors who think so, too!

Sandra Gbur
Executive director, WSSRA

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