I was startled to read, in your boxed feature “Summer of 1967 in the U.S.” in the Aug. 22 LifeLines section: “August – The Black Panthers invade New Haven, setting lawns and houses ablaze.” This is false. It is slanderously false, the sort of thing one would expect out of the mouth of Rush Limbaugh, but not in Wednesday Journal. There were riots in New Haven in August 1967 – riots that had complex causes and involved as many Puerto Ricans as blacks – but the idea that Black Panthers invaded (invaded?) New Haven and set fires is completely imaginary.

I noticed your sources included Wikipedia. And in the Wikipedia article on “1967,” I found the exact quote that makes this bizarre assertion (Found it, and edited it out). According to an OPRF High School student I asked, research papers for classes cannot cite Wikipedia as a source. Wednesday Journal standards should be at least as high as those of our high school students, shouldn’t they?

Dean Blobaum
Oak Park

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