Now we have a zillion dimes we have to pick up off the floor. We had been clutching them excitedly, eagerly awaiting next week’s Dime-A-Dance event from Sept. 4 through Sept. 9 at Intuit Dance, 237 Harrison St. (524-0500), when a well-meaning friend informed us that no, our dime does not buy us a dance with the cute guy of our choice. Apparently a dime gains us access to any Intuit dance class we choose to sample next week. That was the moment when we used the dimes as a weapon in an enraged attempt to kill the messenger. Now, of course, we are back to our calm, rational self and realize it might be fun to try a class or two. We thought about this for awhile, then collected our dimes and strode purposefully off to Dunkin’ Donuts.

Say, the Schoolhouse Town Meeting at the high school is tonight, Wednesday, Aug. 29, from 7 to 9 p.m. (434-3099). We can meet the new District 200 superintendent, Dr. Attila Weninger. Will you come with us, please, to make sure we don’t ask him how he got his first name and to extrapolate on possible connections between his moniker and his plans for the coming year?

We tend to speak before we think, which is why we’re afraid to attend the Victorian Tea Party at Christ Episcopal Church, 515 Franklin Ave., River Forest (366-7730), on Saturday, Sept. 8. We really want to go because it’s going to be an authentic High Tea, and we just love those little sandwiches, plus they’re using fine china, which always makes us sit up straighter. But the conversation thing; that always gets us. We need a few good openers. “So, is there anywhere around here where one can get a guy to dance with you for a dime?”


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