Impeachment efforts are a waste of time and energy [Impeachment town hall meeting recap, Viewpoints, Aug. 1]. No matter how much hatred you people harbor in your hearts for G. W. Bush, he was elected and will serve till 2009. The new majority in Washington has spent the majority of their time (that you have paid for) holding hearings trying to trump up any charge they can to drive George and Dick out of office. Three hundred hearings – zero articles of impeachment. Grow up and try to understand you did not win the ’04 election and Kerry isn’t the president. If getting even for the Clinton impeachment is what is sticking in your craw, understand Slick Willie admitted to purgery [sic] while under oath. That is a crime. Not liking the policies of the president gets you nothing.

Our community has always said we are out front in the tolerance game – Bull! The community is tolerant of you if you are liberal and Democrat. As a conservative, I encourage you to believe anything you wish. My only request is that you afford me the same courtesy. The pages of this newspaper have been swamped with childish name-calling and sometimes vicious personal attacks. If you have no original constructive ideas, be quiet. You are not helping the situation.

Our country is standing alone in the world doing something about terroists, who want to kill us and our families. I fail to understand what part of kill our families you people fail to understand. Bottom line is that residents of our community are being blinded by soul-rotting hatred for a president who believes he is doing what is best for our survival. Get over it, become adults, and stand up for a country that allows you to be as smart or stupid as you choose.

Ray Simpson
Oak Park

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