I am baffled by the comments of Rosemary Gange, owner of Camille et Famille, which will be closing soon. She blamed her loss of business in part on the new parking garage just steps away (via a pedestrian walkway) from her business. “Women don’t like to park in garages,” you quote her as saying. Huh?

I am a woman with two young children and I always park in the Oak Park garages. It’s much faster and easier than cruising for scarce parking on downtown streets. I get the first two hours free, which is usually enough time to accomplish my tasks. If I take longer than two hours, it costs me a quarter rather than an expensive parking ticket. It beats fumbling for coins at a meter any day!

I am sure the patrons of Camille will miss it, and I am always sorry when a long-time business in our community closes. However, I don’t shop at Camille’s because it never has anything I want. I think it’s unfair of Ms. Gange to blame her dwindling business on the village’s efforts to increase parking in the downtown area when the real reason may lie inside her shop’s doors.

Kris Gallagher

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