“Secularism,” as the word is used today, is the practice of ignoring God and His commandments in public life. It is the natural outcome of antitheism, the religion that teaches, among other things, that the God of monotheism does not exist, and that obedience to Him is immoral.

It is a contradiction in terms to call for a Christian secularism. If the God of Abraham exists at all, He is not merely creator and sustainer–He is also legislator and judge. Governments are not exempt from obedience to His laws. And certainly Christians, including judges, even when acting as agents of the state, are bound by God’s law, and are not morally autonomous.

Yet my own ecclesial sect, the Roman Catholic, seems for decades now to be doing everything possible to avoid this truth, to compromise with secular humanism, to ally itself with it in many of its goals, and to fudge the issue of the duty of nominal Christians in public office, and its own duties in regard to them.

Have the powers-that-be forgotten the ecclesial concept of “scandal?” Don’t they realize they have destroyed their own authority?

John Prendiville
Oak Park

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