The many liberal Oak Parkers no doubt say that these kids come from deprived homes and need more love and support and free money [Daylight assaults have neighborhood on edge, News, Aug. 1]. But at the end of the day, if Oak Parkers can’t walk around in the daytime without being assaulted, we have a big, big problem. The police can’t station somebody on every block.

I used to walk in the evening but stopped after the South Oak Park murder a couple of years ago. Now it looks like daytime walks are out too.

Increasingly in Oak Park, the choice seems to be between living as a prisoner in your home or moving someplace safer. Not a good development at all – and something our feckless village board appears uninterested in doing anything to change. Their focus on providing huge giveaways to the business community could prove misguided if people are afraid to live here.

Mary Ellen Eads
Oak Park

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