Short of a push reel mower, powered only by sweat, the electronic mower is about as greenest way of cutting the green as you can get. And Dressel’s Hardware, 1137 Chicago Ave., is one of the biggest retailers of cordless mowers around.

The hardware store has sold the gas-free mowers 10 or 15 years, said Bob Dressel. The went to electric models after Lawn Boy was bought by Toro, and Dressel’s wasn’t a big enough seller to be included in the supply chain.

“Actually, that was a blessing in disguise when they said they wouldn’t sell to us anymore,” Dressel said.

The store sells cordless models for about $400, and corded ones for about $250. Every year, Cook County hosts an exchange program to promote electric mowers, offering a discount for people turning in their polluting gas mowers.

-Drew Carter

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